Speaker Information



There will be two awards as judged by members of the Planning Committee presented to the most interesting, relevant and innovative paper and to the best PowerPoint presentation.  These Awards will be presented at the close of conference on Friday, 5 April 2019.


Please provide a short biography on authors background, qualifications etc. not exceeding 200 words in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) together with a hi-res 300dpi professional quality headshot of presenter.

Written Paper – due January 21, 2019

The paper will be published with your abstract and biography on the TechCon® Aus-NZ 2019 thumb drive provided to all participants.  To keep the look of the final USB Proceedings consistent, please use the attached paper template when formatting your paper. 

Presenters are required to observe the “Non-Commercialism Policy” found at the end of the paper template. Papers and/or reports must be presented by one of their authors. All presenters acknowledge and agree that Wilson Transformer Company and TJ|H2b Analytical Services reserves the right to reproduce, copyright and distribute TechCon® Proceedings.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Presenter Guidelines.

The Proceedings are a collection of written papers submitted by conference presenters. They are provided to conference attendees on a USB thumb drive and available for purchase by the public.

Powerpoint presentation – due March 03, 2019

Please upload your PowerPoint presentation by March 03, 2019 to the designated Dropbox link that will be provided and bring a backup copy on a USB drive to the conference as well.

To ensure your presentation goes smoothly and to ease transitions between presentations on the day, all presentations are loaded onto the TechCon laptop prior to the program.  Our laptop has software to support a remote control.  The remote control will allow you to have greater mobility during your presentations.

 Please advise us if your presentation has any special effects including video, sound, animation etc. and confirm that all needed files are in the SAME FOLDER as your presentation (if these files are not present, they will be unavailable when you give your presentation).

Should there be any late changes to your presentation please submit a revised copy one day prior to your scheduled presentation day.

 It is the policy of Wilson Transformer Company /TJH2b Analytical Services and TechCon® Worldwide not to share the Presentations without the expressed consent of the author. 


CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Speaker registration form.

Speaker Run through

There will be a speaker run through on Wednesday, April 03, 2019 commencing at 5.30pm.  All speakers are encouraged to attend as this will be an opportunity to meet with the audiovisual staff, ask any questions, make final changes (if any) and an opportunity to meet the other speakers.


CLICK HERE to download a copy of the paper template

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the PPT template